Innerlayer Bonding


multibond.jpgThe No-Risk Oxide Alternative From The Market Leader In Innerlayer Bonding

MacDermid is a market leader in the development of high reliability bonding conversion coatings for Multilayer Printed Circuit Boards. The Process is the most widely used oxide alternative system in the world, with over 150 installations worldwide.

CO2 Laser Direct Drill Benefits

optimizes micro-via hole quality and maximizes throughput of CO2 Laser Direct Drill equipment.

laser_direct_drill_hole.png100 micron Laser Direct Drill
via hole, 12 micron copper

Sequential Lamination Construction Benefits

MultiBond MP

multibond_mp_surface.pngThe next generation, MultiBond MP, is the ideal bonding process for controlled impedance inner layers. Up to a 80% reduction in concentrated copper waste compared with other systems. Low copper removal of 50 μ"; just one micron! This makes MultiBond MP the ideal bonding process for controlled impedance inner layers, and has proven compatibility with advanced resin systems


MultiBond MP - multilayer bonding technology that builds winners

OmniBond Plus+

The OmniBond Plus+ process is the only production-proven oxide dissolution system offering pink ring elimination and greatly lower incidence of high-resistance shorts than DMAB reduced oxide. Both processes offer multi-resin compatibility for optimum process flexibility.

MultiBond Key Features