Copper Surface Preparation

Superior Bonding to Soldermask, Dry Film and Photoresist.

MultiPrep200_AppPhoto.jpgMultiPrep 200 is a revolutionary pretreatment process for the adhesion of solder mask, dry film and liquid photoresists to copper surfaces. Leveraging decades of MacDermid Enthone etching experience, MultiPrep 200 is engineered to meet today's challenging adhesion requirements. It completely eliminates pumice and brush scrubbing for improved process efficiencies and product uniformity during the fabrication process.

MultiPrep 200 delivers an optimized, micro-roughened,  copper surface topography to provide uniformity of etched pulse-plated panels. It is a universal process that is ideal for solder mask pretreatment prior to Affinity ENIG and ORMECON CSN Immersion Tin final finishes. The micro-roughened topography enables solder mask to "stick and grip" to the copper surface with exceptional reliability and durability.
Use MultiPrep 200 in any PCB operation requiring unparalleled
copper adhesion to organic films.

 MultiPrep 200

MultiPrep 200 - Notes.jpg
SEM at 5K x, 
Zygo results: Ra=0.58 μm 
MultiPrep 200 - Notes3.jpg 
MultiPrep 200 provides uniform
rough topography for
bonding solder mask and

Traditional Micro-Etch

MultiPrep 200 - Notes2.jpg  
SEM at 5K x,
Zygo results: Ra=0.03 μm
MultiPrep 200 - Notes1.jpg 
Traditional surface
preparation systems, such
as Hydrogen Peroxide /
Sulfuric acid show mask
lifting in tape test after
plating immersion tin.

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