Organic Solderability Preservative

The Proven High Performance OSP From The Leader In Final Finishes

M-Coat HT-X is the next generation high performance OSP designed specifically to provide fabricators, assemblers and OEM’s with the consistent finish that will endure multiple, high temperature Pb-free reflow cycles with metal selective capability.

M-Coat HT-X offers users process simplicity and excellent durability and reliability at a competitively lower cost, while utilizing balanced, environmentally-friendly ingredients that enable maintenance-free bath control. Designed for Pb-free solders, it also delivers selective coating of copper surfaces, leaving gold and other metals uncoated and stain-free, even in the most challenging environments.

The Next Generation OSP: Proven To Perform

Modern Pb-free assembly environments are tough on surface finishes, particularly OSPs. Multiple exposures to higher temperatures for longer times, can make coatings break down and fail to perform, which results in poor yields, reduced reliability, and higher costs. M-Coat HT-X is MacDermid’s production-proven OSP process specifically designed to perform in harsh, Pb-free manufacturing settings. Our coating’s thermal durability provides consistent surface wetting, color uniformity, and solderability through multiple reflow cycles. When it comes to process simplicity, coating durability and reliability, M-Coat HT-X is the right choice.

M-Coat HT-X


Solder Wetting


Excellent wetting of circuitry coated with M-Coat HT-X after multiple Pb-Free reflows.

Consistent Solderability


Key Features