Immersion Tin

Immersion Tin MacStanHSR Car and Call Out.jpgMacStan HSR 3.0 is the immersion tin plating process designed specifically to inhibit whisker formation and deliver a tin deposit with an extended shelf life.

MacStan HSR 3.0 is another high performance product from the leader in final finishes. It offers a chemically stable, low foaming and efficient application process that delivers excellent Pb-leaded and Pb-free solderability and an extremely planar surface. Exceptionally reliable with a high resistance to corrosion, MacStan HSR 3.0 enables effortless thickness control while maximizing bath and process stability. This ultimately results in higher yields and less overall waste. Fabricators, assemblers, and OEM’s can trust MacStan HSR 3.0 to help them meet both RoHS requirements and WEEE directives.

Reliable. Long Lasting. Lead-free. For All Applications.

MacStan HSR 3.0 provides fabricators, assemblers, and OEM’s with the immersion tin plating process they can consistently rely on for critical, high performance applications. Formulated to minimize whisker risk, its durability to multiple reflows, easy process control, and extended shelf life provide everything you can expect from the leader in final finishes, including uniform coverage throughout difficult blind vias and microvias.


MacStan HSR 3.0's proprietary additive package is specifically formulated to minimize the risk of whisker growth, assuring consistent and reliable coating performance.

Technical Poster

Presented at SMTA International 2015

Cherry Santos, Tyler Banker, Ernest Long, Jun Nable, MacDermid Waterbury, CT

Immersion tin is one of the widely used surface finishes in the electronics industry. Its ease of application combined with the good deposit properties make it an attractive surface finish.. click here to read more. 

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