Final Finishes

iphone.pngapple_watch.pngWhile circuit densities continue to shrink, board fabricators and end-users alike have demanded alternative surface finishes that combine high yields, low cost,

increased functionality, and ease of fabrication and assembly. MacDermid has accepted the challenge. In keeping with its market served approach to the industry, MacDermid provides a full line of organic and metallic final finishes to meet a variety of customer needs.

MacDermid's core competency in surface preparation and plating processes has provided the basis for its offering of metallic final finishes. These finishes can be permanent, becoming an integral part of the assembled board, or sacrificial, preventing copper oxidation and preserving solderability through the assembly process. Years of proven results are one of the principle reasons why MacDermid Final Finishing products have become a critical part of many of the world's leading OEM electronic companies.

Final Finishes Processes