desmear-ex.jpgReliable, void free coverage starts with the proper desmear process. MacDermid's M-Permanganate desmear process, along with MacDermid's patented permanganate regeneration system provides reliable desmear with maximum topography. The combination of reliable desmear and topography are prerequisites for subsequent metallizations steps that will ensure the best coverage and highest copper to resin adhesion values.

A reliable Electroless Copper starts with a reliable desmeared hole as well as optimal topography generation. Advanced resin systems with higher functionalities makes the desmear process more difficult yet more critical.

MacDermid offers both Aqueous and non-aqueous swellers for all material types. Utilizing Design of Experiment methodology, MacDermid has developed and extensive library of desmear/topographic profiles for all commercially available materials. Powdered permanganate as well as liquid permanganate offer flexibility in vertical or horizontal processing.