Strippers, Developers, And Etchants

Resist Strippers

The UltraStrip product line represents MacDermid's most advanced, high-performance photoresist strippers. UltraStrip formulas have been optimized for over 50 different resists on the market today. UltraStripRS-215 Resist Stripping System is designed to strip fully-aqueous dry film photoresists from printed circuit boards. Its unique blend of components promotes a high strip rate, easily filterable particles, and complete removal of dry film residues and adhesion promoters, even under overplated circuits. RS-215 contains no caustic, so it will not attack copper, tin or tin-lead. It has a powerful anti-tarnish package to prevent copper oxidation. RS-215 does not contain glycol ethers or any other solvent.

Metal Strippers

The patented Eliminator C tin and tin/lead strippers provide manufacturing with the state-of-the-art results. Eliminator C is an efficient, economical tin and tin/lead stripper. It increases productivity while reducing frequent bath changeovers, downtime and labor costs. Eliminator C contains no peroxide, fluoride or chelators, and is formulated primarily for spray applications. Eliminator C is ideally suited for a steady-state, feed and bleed operation and will not sludge. A make-up or starter solution, Eliminator Make UpSolution is required to start the system the first time.

Resist Developers

Developer 45 Plus and Develop 40 are highly concentrated aqueous photoresist developer solutions, making feed-and-bleed control of the developer solution simple and consistent.


MacDermid pioneered many of the key chemistries and process parameters of alkaline etch systems.

MacDermid's Etchant Innovations


Ultra Etch FL is a high speed, moderate capacity, continuous alkaline etchant system used in the manufacture of fine line printed circuit boards. It will remove copper at an etch rate of 2.0 -2.5 mils per minute at 125°F (52°C), and can dissolve and hold copper in solution in the range of 12 to 18 oz/gal (90 to 135 gm/L).

This ammoniacal etchant shows excellent undercut characteristics for the production of very fine line circuitry commonly found on high density inner and outer layers of multilayer boards (under 5 mil lines and spaces on 1 oz base laminate). Many types of resists can be used including gold, nickel, tin, tin-nickel and tin-lead. Due to this system's low pH capability (7.6-8.4), alkaline strippable inks and aqueous dry films have been used successfully.


Ultra Etch 20 is a high speed, moderate capacity ammoniacal copper etchant used in the manufacture of printed circuit boards. It etches at a rate of 2.5-3.0 mils/minute at 115-130F (46-54C) and has a copper capacity of 18-20 oz/gal(135-150 g/L). Its lower freezing point and excellent stability combine to make Ultra Etch 20 a trouble free solution.


Ultra Etch 50 is a high speed, high copper capacity alkaline etchant solution used in the manufacture of printed circuit boards. It will remove copper at an etch rate of 2.5-3.0 mils per minute at 130F (54C). It can dissolve and hold copper in solution in the range of 20-24 oz/gal. (150-180 g/L).

For over 20 years we have been the worldwide market leader in this technology, providing integrated chemistry/equipment systems, etchant recycling and accurate control systems