Printed Circuit Board

Printed Circuit Board with fingers.JPGSmartphones, 3D HD Technology. MP3 players. Military devices. No matter where you look, electronics and the printed circuit boards that enable them are getting smaller and more complex. To compete and succeed in today's fiercely competitive market, fabricators and OEMs need a company with proven specialty chemicals expertise in high density interconnects.

HDI is more than tight circuit design. It's the chemistry of transforming these designs into a working PCB. From metallization and imaging to circuit formation and surface finishing, MacDermid Electronics Solutions has the extensive HDI experience you can trust. No other company has the breadth of chemistries, worldwide sales support and dedicated technical service that we provide our customers, and no other company makes it easier to achieve higher productivity at lower total costs.

Our complete portfolio of HDI-compatible chemistries has been customized specifically for HDI applications, and can be seamlessly integrated into your existing operations without having to adopt new time-consuming and costly products or processes. With our years of experience fabricating substantial volumes for the industry's largest users, and our intimate understanding of global markets, MacDermid is ideally suited to help you navigate through any unfamiliar or complex HDI issue. The end result: your ability to better leverage your hardware investment, and reduce overall risk-today.

As an acknowledged worldwide leader in providing proven, high performance printed circuit board chemistries that satisfy fabricator and OEM requirements, MacDermid is the one company you can count on for all of your HDI needs.

Printed Circuit Board Processes