Metal Seed Layer and Diffusion Barrier

Electrolytic and Light Induced Nickel

metal_seed_layer.pngThe highest efficiency cell designs call for superior contacts and an effective barrier coating. As the world leader in electroless nickel, MacDermid delivers perfectly controlled, ultra-thin, trouble-free nickel deposition. Thickness uniformity allows very thin emitter geometries, preventing shunts and minimizing recombination. Our processes are mandatory for the selective emitter designs.

The nickel silicide provides maximum adhesion and an intimate contact for an electron pathway to subsequently deposited conductors.

After inkjet or laser patterning, deposit a very well-controlled thickness of nickel to form a high-efficiency nickel silicide contact. Compatible with thin, high-resistance homogeneous emitters, as well as heavier doped selective emitters, Helios Nickel requires no activation step and can be deposited at thicknesses as low as 50 nanometers.