Outer Layer Processes - Formerly Electrochemicals

Outer Layer Strip Etch Strip

Electro-Brite Resist Stripper RS-8015M

A concentrated aqueous solution formulated to strip aqueous dry film resists, liquid photoimageable resists and alkaline soluble, screen printed resists.  The RS-8018M can be used in spray or immersion.

Electro-Brite Solder Stripper 890

An acidic, ferric nitrate based solder stripper designed for use in printed circuit board fabrication operations for removal of solder and tin deposits from copper substrates.

Electro-Brite Sol Strip 150/S1S

A highly stabilized hydrogen peroxide based solder stripper, designed to be used in spray and immersion applications to remove tin and tin/lead deposits with minimal attack on the copper substrate.

Electro-Brite Resist Stripper RS-8037Q - Not available in the US

A non-TMAH resist Stripper for I/L and O/L stripping, works well with LDI and Overplate Cu. Anti-tarnish additive for AOI and stain prevention.

Electro-Brite Resist Stripper RS-8015Q - Not available in the US

An innerlayer resist stripper designed for long life.  Anti-tarnish additive for AOI and stain prevention.

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