Memory Disk - Formerly Electrochemicals

The World's Largest Manufacturer of Electroless Nickel Chemistry for Memory Disk Applications

Over the past 20 years, we have delivered cutting-edge electroless nickel chemistry to the memory disk industry. We have striven to meet and surpass the ever stringent product requirements that advancing technology demands.

Using our expertise, we have designed a suite of products for memory disk applications. MacDermid Enthone offers a full range of chemistries, from pre-treatment formulations to electroless nickel plating solutions. By providing the complete package, our customers benefit from an optimized pre-treatment and nickel-plating process that produces superior memory disk quality deposits.

Electroless Nickel Products

All Electroless Nickel Chemistries are in full RoHS compliance.

Product  Description/Advantage     
4355High %P EN for MD.
Reduced micropitting/ microdefect.
9040High %P EN for EN with excellent thermal magnetic stability.
Low LZT defects, better corrosion resistance, reduce micropitting/microdefect.
9150High %P EN for MD
Low LZT defects, reduced micropitting/ microdefect.


Memory Disk High Phos EN

General Properties

Nickel Content                    88-89% w/w                         
Phos Content11-12% w/w
Magnetic PropertiesNon-Magnetic
Hardness600 VHN
Operating Temp °F188-194 °F
Operating pH4.40-4.80
Plating Rate3.5 - 4.5 µ"/min


Pre-Treatment Products

Combined Cleaner/Etch
Combined cleaner/etch solution incorporates chemistry that performs both substrate cleaning and etching in one step. Utilizing this product enables our customers to reduce operating costs by improving efficiency of their manufacturing process and lowering waste treatment volumes.

9069 is a stronger version of 9068R. It allows our customers to effectively deal with substrate contamination from prior processing steps by providing a more aggressive clean and etch.

Conventional zincate solutions are too mild and ineffective in meeting the demands of increased production volume and use of Al-substrates from different vendors. We have developed a more robust zincate formulation, 9067M, which is able to overcome issues associated with substrate contamination and prevent Al damage. Our customers gain the advantage of a shortened pre-treatment cycle and higher throughput by using this product.


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