Inner Layer Treatment - Formerly Electrochemicals

Inner Layer Treatment Processes

The CO-BRA BOND® and CO-BRA BOND® HL Process is a modified peroxide/sulfuric acid process designed to prepare copper surfaces prior to multilayer lamination of printed wiring boards. The CO-BRA BOND® solution promotes the formation of a brown copper-organic coating, which enhances the surface for resin bonding. CO-BRA BOND® AP is an "as is" peroxide-free replenisher and CO-BRA BOND® ONE is an "all-in-one" replenisher.

The PERMA-ETCH® D.F. Process is a sprayable microetch for copper on printed circuit boards, and is based on hydrogen peroxide and sulfuric acid.  It is designed to provide the optimum topography prior to application of organic coatings such as liquid or dry-film photoresist and solder masks.

The CO-BRA BOND® SM Process is specifically designed to modify the copper surface in order to enhance primary photoresist and liquid photoimageable solder mask adhesion.

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