Final Finishes - Formerly Electrochemicals

Final Finishes

Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold Process

The Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold (ENIG) process has been designed to eliminate skip and stray plating usually associated with many other systems.  In addition, the Electroless Nickel chemistry has been designed with a stabilizer package that eliminates “black pad” failures.

OMNi Guard 6A Cleaner   Very Low Surface Tension Acid Cleaner      
OMNi Guard 9223         Alternative Acid Cleaner to eliminate ENIG plating in Non-plated- through-holes.
CuPrep II Micro-etch
OMNi Guard 920 Chloride-Free Activator
OMNi Guard 930 Electroless Nickel
9027XL Low Gold Content Immersion Bath (0.5 g/L metal)
OM Gold thickness of 2 – 3u” corrosion free gold
OM2 Gold thickness of 3 – 5u” corrosion free gold

Electroless Nickle Electroless Palladium Immersion Gold Products

This process has been designed for thin coating over copper with no black pad issues. It can be used as  a replacement for carbon switches. Cost effective technology with shorter process times and thinner gold deposits.

Ultra Guard 4600

Phos Palladium 3 – 4%P

Ultra Guard 3000

Pure palladium system

Palla Guard

Pure palladium system design to go down directly over copper

Electroless Nickel for Specific Applications

OMNi Guard 726

High Phos nickel for selective EN applications. 10 – 12%P

OMNi Guard 932

High mid phos electroless nickel 8 – 10%P

OMNi Flex Soft EN

Activator technology that offers excellent resolution of nickel plating.

Tin Guard 709 Immersion Tin

Silver Guard 950 Immersion Process

for silver designed to deposit 8-12 microinches.

Post Dip 300

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