Plating 3D - Formerly Electrochemicals

Plating 3D

Plating in 3D-Proprietary Additives for Electrodeposition Technology

Acid Copper Plating

Electro-Brite PC-671 Acid Copper Plating Process is a two part additive system which produces improved leveling by the action of a separate grain refiner component, Electro-Brite PC-672. This process is especially suited for high aspect ratio plated through hole and blind via circuit boards.

Electro-Brite PC-600 is an acid copper plating additive system that has been specifically optimized for use with pulse periodic reverse rectification on a continual production basis.

Acid Tin Electroplating

Electro-Brite Tin-Brite III Acid Tin Plating Process is a bright acid tin process specifically designed for the plating of printed circuit boards. Tin-Brite III solutions have excellent throwing power and efficiency

Electro-Brite Acid Tin 824 is matte finish process based on one component. 

Specialty Cleaners and Micro-Etchants

The company markets a variety of specialty acidic and alkaline cleaners and microetchants including the industry leading Co-Bra Etch® Peroxide Sulfuric Acid microetchant. Each cleaner and microetchant is formulated to reduce impact on the environment. Please contact an OM Group Electronic Chemicals representative for details and application specific questions.

DES Chemistry

The Develop Etch Strip (DES) process comprises of the Developer PD-610, Ammonia Etchant and Dry Film Stripper.

Pot Carb 80 has been developed to replace the conventional method of photo-resist / liquid photo imageable solder mask using sodium carbonate.  Pot Carb 80 increases the bath life and enhances the developing efficiency.

Dry Film Stripper PD-3503 / PD-3506 is an aqueous solution formulated for high speed removal of all type alkaline dry film photo resist.  It will not activate or darken tin surfaces, leaving copper surfaces bright and untarnished.

Ammonium Etchant is an alkaline etching chemistry for the manufacturing of high quality printed through hole or print and etch type PCB.  It features consistent high etching rate.

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