Electronics Packaging And Finishing Technology - Formerly Electrochemicals

Electronic Packaging and Finishing Technologies

Our line of chemistries for electronics and metal finishing applications includes next-generation lead-free solder plating processes as well as traditional tin-lead soldering technologies and base metal plating processes. Our expertise in formulating advanced plating additives has secured our position as a global leader in the development of specialized plating technologies for use in the electronics, aerospace, military and general metal finishing industries. Our processes are used in the plating of semiconductor leadframes, connectors, wire, flat stock, sheet steel and discrete components such as resistors, capacitors and diodes. Our processes can be used in high-speed reel-to-reel applications as well as in conventional rack and barrel plating.

Base Metal Processes                5000, 3760, B4, 161                                
Electronic Grade Base Metal Concentrates 0357, 0354, 0368, 0355, 0362, 0364
Electronic Grade Methane Sulfonate Concentrates       2019, 2020, 2022, 2023, 2026, 2040
Methane Sulfonate Pure Tin Technology 2544, 2544LF, 2544-20, 2544LF-P/2544LF-S, 2544LF-P(M)/S, BPT-10, 2062, 2175, FGT-200, FGT-300, RBM-100
MG Sulfate Based Pure Tin Technology 2800
Fluoborate Based Pure Tin Technology 2190, 2147
Pre-Plate and Post-Plate Processes PED-2020, PCD-6100, PCD-6300/PCD-6300R, PMES-1195, PS-389, PS-3900, PPE-1149, PLE-1190MU/PLE-1190MR, PAA-1192/PAA-1194, PCE-4202, PGSA-3100, PS-3910
Tin-Lead Alloy Plating Processes 2540, BTL, 2062, RBM-100, 1957


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