Legacy Electrochemicals

MacDermid Electronics Solutions, and its parent company, Platform Specialty Products, is very proud to welcome the experienced people and valuable products from Electrochemicals and Compugraphics into our family.

On October 28th, 2015, Platform acquired the Electronic Chemicals and Photomasks businesses from OM Group.  These businesses consist of a wide range of specialty, value add chemical formulations used in the electronics industry for many important end-use products.  The people and products have a strong history of innovation and service from legacy brands such as Circuit Chemistry, Fidelity, and Electrochemicals.  The chemicals are widely used in electronics manufacture all over the industrialized world, in many of the devices we all use every day.

The Electronic Chemicals products strategically complement the chemical solutions within MacDermid Electronics Solutions, and they have been included under MacDermid’s brand.  The Photomasks products are new to MacDermid, and will continue under the Compugraphics brand; information on Photomasks is found at compugraphics.com.

All of the online information related to the Electronic Chemicals products has migrated to this section of the MacDermid website (see the Product Families to the right) .  Please bookmark this site immediately.  We encourage you to navigate these pages, but we welcome all of your inquiries at our Contact Us links for more in-depth technical information and regional contact details. 

The blending of these business provides an opportunity to supply our shared customers with a more comprehensive service experience at all multi-national locations, and we know the wider range of products will benefit our customers, OEMs, and the overall electronics industry supply chain.  Now, please contact us and let us ask, “What can we do for you today?”


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