LED Photo 1.jpgThe growing LED lighting industry is relying on packaging and materials innovations to provide the efficiencies that will propel LED technology to the front of the lighting market. LED designers face specific challenges relating to maintaining  light output, reflectivity of key materials, and management of heat. Additionally, all of these initiatives must be accomplished while containing cost. Designers and manufacturers need a partner with proven specialty chemicals expertise to achieve these gains.

MacDermid is prepared, with LuMac, a growing line of specialty chemistries developed specifically for LED design needs.


LEDchip.jpgLumac Nickel Silver

Maximizing light output is an overarching objective for all LED packages and systems. The LuMac Nickel Silver finish was developed to satisfy this and all critical needs for an LED package finish. Silver delivers superior reflectivity to other metals, particularly at wavelengths vital to LED light operation. Furthermore, LuMac Nickel Silver will exhibit sustained reflectivity throughout the lifetime of the lighting device. The finish is fully wirebondable, and non electrolytic, enabling complex package/board designs to be finished without costly or inefficient electrical bussing.

LuMac Graph 1.jpg

Thermal Management 

Lumac Copper Systems

Thermal management, efficiently and cost effectively removing heat from the LED chip interface and package is the key to LED lighting’s success. LuMac Copper Sytems have been developed to effectively fill the most challenging through-holes and vias, enabling the use of low cost dielectrics such as FR-4. Copper, one of the world’s best conductors, moves heat at hundreds of times the efficiency of costly dielectrics or pastes. LuMac Copper can also be deployed across a broad range of LED materials such as ceramic and silicon, bringing this solution to multiple package designs.