The communications market has seen significant changes over the last decade.  This market is growing rapidly and incorporating more technical changes than any other market.  Telecommunications is no longer limited to two way calls.  Mobile devices have added features including data communication such as texting, email and web capabilities found on smartphones.  In 2005 there were 2Bn mobile phone users, now two thirds of the world’s population has a mobile phone.  Market research shows this family of handheld devices is rapidly replacing fixed phone technologies.  Currently there are only 1.4Bn fixed phones and those numbers continue to drop.

Increased volumes and progression have forced changes in the communications infrastructure which includes base stations, RF equipment and movement from physical services such as DVDs to virtual services such as streaming or downloading music and movies.  There is also the addition of cloud computing which is a service provided over the internet.  All these advances require additional network capacities. 

As market demands increase and technology introduces more challenges such as the Internet of Things which will require an even greater level of communications, MacDermid is there to tackle the increased demands, offering improvements and advances in our chemical processes to match the market needs and desires.

MacuSpec VF Series

Viafilling Electrolytic 
Copper Metalization 


Electroless Nickel/Immersion
Gold Technology


Chemical System for
High Speed Innerlayers

Stantek PC Series

Electrolytic Tin Plating
for Passives


Selective Electroless
Metallization for Molded
Interconnect Devices


Through Hole and Blind Via
Metallization Technology