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Vertical Electroless Copper

Electroless copper has been the manufacturing standard for over 30 years, and MacDermid has been there since the beginning. Early innovations led to the development of the M-Systems/M-85, our highly successful heavy deposition electroless copper process. For the past 20 years, this process has become the industry standard for void free coverage. Maintaining the patented pretreatment system, MacDermid has developed the M-System Omega process, which takes copper to copper adhesion to a new level.

Deposit Thickness Chart


M-System metallization process combines a unique, patented activation sequence with a statistically designed electroless copper bath. The patented activation sequence utilizes nontraditional conditioning and acceleration steps to enhance glass coverage. This enhanced coverage yields superior post pattern plate backlight performance. The statistically designed electroless copper bath, when used with enhanced solution transport will produce the highest yields on high aspect ratio holes and blind microvias.

The increased functionality of the newest resins systems present another set of challenges. Although the higher temperature resins meet designer specifications, they tend to be more chemically inert and more difficult to process. To meet these new processability and reliability benchmarks, MacDermid has developed a system to overcome these obstacles.

Thermal Shock reliability

M-System Omega

The M-System Omega builds on the commercial success of its predecessor, M-85. The M-System Omega delivers the same void free coverage as the industry accepted M-85, but goes another step in providing unparalleled interconnect reliability. M-System Omega easily passes the interconnect Stress Testing (IST), 6 times solder shock or 10 times solder shock. The bond between the interconnect and the electroless copper is so strong, that the innerlayer high temperature elongation foil (HTE) will fracture before the electroless interconnect will fail.

M Copper 15

M-Copper 15

MacDermid M-Copper 15 is the thin deposition electroless copper developed specifically for fabricators that require process flexibility and reduced overall chemical costs in the development of their super thick circuit boards.

M-Copper 15, able to plate 15 microinches in 15 minutes, is impervious to bath loading and can be utilized in either basket mode or 1-up in-line for ultimate flexibility. With a load factor of 0.20 – 1.75 square feet per gallon, the reduced amount of chemicals used in the plating bath enables each shipment to last longer. Highly reliable, M-Copper 15 is engineered for low deposit stress, resulting in superior hole wall adhesion. It also features lower hydrogen evolution,which delivers a more uniform electroless copper deposition in the center of high aspect ratio holes. Using the same activation sequence as our renowned.

M-System products,M-Copper 15 is the right choice for all of your highest technology circuit board projects.


  • Low deposition copper thickness
  • Outstanding performance for all levels of technology;
    ideal for circuit boards of 40 layers or more
  • Process flexibility: basket or 1-up, in-line
  • Reduces overall chemical usage
  • Low deposit stress for superior hole wall adhesion
  • Maximizes cost efficiency


MacDermid MultiFlex is formaldehyde and cyanide-free electroless copper process.
It provides the ultimate through-hole reliability and material compatibility superior
coverage and adhesion with minimal waste.


  • Compatible with all alkaline-sensitive materials
  • Direct copper-to-copper bonding improves reliability
  • No formaldehyde
  • Engineered for reliabilty and performance
  • Plates only non-conductive surfaces
  • Low chemical consumption
  • Minimal waste generation